Frequently Asked Questions

As the very nature of my work is fairly unique, here's a selection of questions I frequently get asked.

  • 1- What conditions can osteopathy help with?


    Osteopathy can help the same conditions that affect people. Mostly these are minor orthopaedic problems, but can also involve birthing traumas, and some behavioural patterns.

  • 2- How many treatments are usually needed?


    How long is a piece of string? Each patient has different requirements. However, as a general rule most dogs usually show a marked improvement after 3 consultations. Horses often require a more prolonged course of treatment, as many of our cases are of a chronic, longstanding nature.

  • 3- Is treatment covered under Insurance?


    Most pet/animal insurance schemes cover osteopathic treatment (when carried out at a veterinary practice). However we strongly advise that you check with your own company first prior to starting any treatment with us.

  • 4- Will I see any animals at your clinic(s)?


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  • 5- Have you ever treated a bear?


    I have examined several but none needed treatment, however watch this space.

Osteopathic Treatment

  • Bucking
  • Changes in behaviour
  • Cold backed
  • Tighter on one rein
  • Reluctance to engage behind
  • Unlevel
  • A gradual decrease in overall performance
  • Any or all of these signs could indicate that a horse has a neck and back problem